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The possession of dangerous drugs, or the possession of these drugs with the intent to supply them to others and the smuggling of these drugs through The Bahamas or to the United States has crippled the lives of many young men from Bimini. Jailed in either Nassau or in foreign prisons, life takes on a radical change once a person is convicted of a crime involving dangerous drugs. The criminal record alone can prevent a person from getting a good job after leaving prison. The United States will cancel a person's VISA thus denying entry to America, in most cases, for the rest of a person's life. What is even worse, is that some young people from Bimini have been killed as a result of their involvement in the drug trade either through violence or being lost at sea.


What's the problem with drugs anyway?

Drugs that are classified as "dangerous" are against the law simply because they hurt people, families and communities. Marijuana is an illegal substance because the Government has determined that its use is detrimental to the user and to the people around them. Young people, who abuse this drug, often suffer at school as it has been shown that repeated use of this drug affects learning. Using this drug while operating a vehicle or machinery can lead to terrible accidents which could result in death or serious injury. Also, the violence that so often accompanies drug dealing can devastate families and local communities.





Cocaine is a drug that destroys human lives. Crack, a form of cocaine, is so powerful that once it is taken a person loses the ability to stay away from it. They become slaves to their desire for the hit a cocaine rock can give them. Repeated use of crack cocaine destroys the body and mind. A whole human being is simply destroyed and never able to live up to the potential he/she once had. Powder cocaine also destroys lives and families. Money that is used for groceries, school fees, clothing and utilities is often used to buy the drug. Whole families suffer from one user. The user, if unable to purchase the drug, can become despondent or violent and terrorise his family. The urge for the drug clouds the person's judgment and they will often sell family possessions to buy more cocaine. These persons are often found stealing money or other people's property to sell so they can purchase the drug. This makes drug abuse a community concern. Cocaine, then, is a drug that is dangerous because of its addictive nature. It is dangerous because of what it does to a person's mental and physical health and also to their family and friends. Persons who move this drug, sell it, or  harbour it, are part of the destruction of a human being's life. They share in the violence and the trauma of a family's hellish life and they share in the wider impact this has on the entire community. Drug dealing is a tremendous evil.  While the money it generates can be substantial, in terms of  the long-term impact on human life, on the family and on community development, it is a price too great to pay.


Drug money is seen as "easy money". In a short time a person can amass great wealth. But, the money doesn't last. And once used to having so much, it is difficult for people to accept anything less. Young people see the lure of fast money and want to become involved. They lose interest in school, family, and church..even sports. They fail to improve in reading, writing and so many other areas. They may never achieve want they wanted in life and thus their lives are left unfulfilled. As they enter their mid 20s and 30's they have no job, no job skills and life becomes increasingly very difficult. Often, these young people will turn to drug abuse to cope with their unsatisfying life. They become petty criminals. They become unproductive members of their community. They end up dead or in jail. So, drugs and drug money is destructive in so many ways to a community and to a community's future.

"So you make some drug money. What is the cost? You're helping to destroy people. You are helping to get kids involved in destructive behaviour. You are harming or killing young mothers, you are helping to cause birth defects in unborn babies, and when some young kid is killed in a drug related event even in a place miles away from here - you have a hand in that.  You are a co-destroyer. Drugs destroy and that's why they are illegal and need to remain so. It is just wrong."





Money made from dealing with drugs can be plentiful. Money gives people power to influence others. Enough money can even influence government officials and even entire governments. This is dangerous. The properly elected representatives of the people need to be in charge -- not drug dealers.  Drug money can undermine entire communities and countries. This can lead to terrible social conditions in which free and democratic nations find themselves under the heel of non-elected drug lords with an agenda that is more in keeping with their own needs and wants rather than those of the community. Drugs and drug money profits are a threat to democratic values and to our way of life.

Who do you want to be in charge of your country, your community and your life?



What about Ecstasy and those kinds of party drugs? 


These drugs are illegal because, like other dangerous drugs, they can hurt people. These kinds of drugs are not made in scientific laboratories with strict controls for safety and purity. They are made in people's homes, basements, garages or other places where the sole motivation is not to help people but to make money.

These drugs can seriously affect the brain, the respiratory system and the body's internal organs. Also, a person can be taken advantage of while on these drugs. "Date Rape" drugs can be used to violate the dignity of a human person by causing them to act in a way they would otherwise not act. It is a complete disrespect of another person. That is simply wrong. So, party drugs can be deadly and abusive and they are not safe. They threaten the well being of people and the community. They are illegal.

Drugs, and that is all dangerous drugs, affect not just the person using the drugs but that person's family, their wider family, even their neighbours. It impacts their job and their fellow workers. It really has an affect on the whole community. It prevents the community from moving forward. It slows the pace of social development and creates a socially and economically retarded community. Cocaine, heroin, opium and other serious and dangerous drugs have no place in a community that is wanting to develop itself and to improve the living conditions for all its members.



Just don't mess with drugs. 

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